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Guestbook for BlackBox Visions Photography, "Who's Next???®"
133.Jamie Chogi(non-registered)
Excellent stuff from you. I’ve seen your portfolio before and it is cool!
132.Lenny Harold(non-registered)
I've had the privilege of working with this incredible eye and creative photographer. He has a way of capturing moments that I haven't experienced by any other. If you're not working with Nat, then your pictures are wack. I'm just saying..
The professionalism was so evident from your works, especially the portfolios. I really enjoyed the black and white portfolio works which seemed so different to me from the conventional and common works we have seen in this sector.

130.Monica Day(non-registered)
I became apart of the BBV Family in 2012. Nat and I were in MIT together and the first project was my book cover. Nat did an awesome job on my book cover. During the photo shoot he and his wife Carla made me feel very comfortable as this was my first photo shoot.
I have always had an interest in photography but never studied or took it up. Nat has allowed me to train under him as an assistant. I love watching him at work. It's amazing to see what he will capture. The art that he develops is beautiful. When I'm behind the lens I find myself hoping to capture half the beauty that Nat does. He truly has an eye for all things beautiful.
Learning from Nat has been an even greater experience. He and his wife Carla allowed me to tag along to the Mint Condition Concert in December. I was able to be there for sound check and sit on the front row. The perfect beginning to my birthday celebration. Nat is patient with you. He loves what he does so it's very easy for him to get caught up in teaching and motivating you during a photo shoot. He willingly pours out and shares his knowledge. I look forward to learning more from my friend and brother. I'm excited about the art we will create together. I'm glad to be apart of the BBV Family!
129.Jae Auri(non-registered)
#BBV!!!! So I've bn wit the family since 2011! I love BBV. I love the people, the studio, the places, Jason's Penthouse!!! Went from attempting to take couples' pictures to a kick ass freedom shoot as the Rookie of the Year. Went from ROTY to Public Enemy #1 to Jae Auri and the progression has not stopd. Shooting with BBV is an experience like no other. In studio or on location, Nat has the eye to make each vision unique. He takes his time with light setting and overall ambience. No shoot is identical. I can't tell you exactly how everyone else's experiences are but I know from being on set with other models, assisting with creative direction and executive producing behind the scenes that if you can meet Nat halfway, he can take you further than you anticipated. Register yesterday!!! You should've been booked already!!!!
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